Just a radom thought

Posted on by nek0 in english, projects, hardware

There is a project of mine now progressing pretty good at the moment.
I am trying to convert an old typewriter into a full-fledged computer using a cubieboard or something similar.
Now I am looking for a way to get printer output from the typewriter using its own types. I was thinking of magnetic force pushing down the levers inside the machine and so simulating typepresses.
Maybe I am just crazy and nobody shoud listen to me closely, but I think, that should be bossible, if I could get my hands on the right magnetic coils and some neodymium magnets.

This is the Typewriter I will be working with: An old Continental typewriter from Germany, built in the early 20eth Century. It might seem a bit abusive using such an old machine for it, but if I wouldn’t use it, it would just rust in some place never to be touched again. I have the intention to bring it to new life.

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