Comment system slowly emerging

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Hey folks, long time no see.

I have been busy in the past month studying. Exam season is coming rapidly nearer.

Aside from learning and the general procrastination I have worked on my own implementation of a commenting service, which is now ready to be doployed for testing. It is called “yacs” for now, which stands for “yet another commenting service”. It is written in Haskell as a Yesod web-app. Check it out on Github.

I decided to use this approach, because I wanted to know the language Haskell better. It was really challenging wrapping the logic of a commenting service aroud the possibilities I had with Haskell, since I am still very new to this language.

Right now I am still stuck in some kind of dependency hell and my project does not build on the server. As soon as I resolve this problem, the newly added iframes, which you may have noticed on the bottom of every blogpost, will come to life. After that i will write a Documentation for the whole project.

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