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Those who follow my actions on GitHub may know it already, but for those who don’t it’s new, that I was working on a gallery system called Eidolon for some time. It is a project which I started in the late phase of my commentary system Yacs due to my growing discomfort with Mediagoblin, which is currently in use at our hackerspace.

The name derives from the same greek word which means something like mirage or illusion. I can’t really say, why I named it like that, but I’m quite happy with the name.

The gallery system is almost complete and I will start stress testing it in the next year. The images in the gallery are organized in albums, which themselves belong to certain users. Additional features include at the moment:

The whole system is set up as a Yesod webapp and is written mostly in Haskell.

I have been working with Yesod for quite some time now, mostly for learning Haskell, but I found it also entertaining to make some web-development. I would really recommend using this framework. The static typing of Haskell might be a bit of a pain in the butt at first, but it also grants your applications level of security, which I haven’t observed anywhere else.

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