Bitcoin stuff

Posted on by nek0 in bitcoin, meta

After poking around in my files on my computer I found something interesting. Something I thought I had lost it. my trusty old Bitcoin wallet.

I am far from being an early adopter, but there was a time in 2012 where I was mining a little bit on my graphics card. It was not very effective, but it still has its worth (especially nowadays, where almost everybody is speculating with them).

I personally dislike the idea of speculating mith my bitcoins like in a stock exchange. The case of Mt. Gox has shown how badly things can end. That’s why I’m keeping my Bitcoins only on my own devices.

With the reappearence of my wallet and my newly emerged interest in the Bitcoin matter I decided to implement an address for Bitcoin donations. I don’t think it will come to great use, but feel free to surprise me.

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