Goodbye mining pool

Posted on by nek0 in english, bitcoin

This is it. After some years (most of them spent in inactivity) I decided to leave my Buitcoin pool at

The reasons for leaving are mostly because I don’t see me mining profitably in the foreseeable future. I was mining once with my graphics card three years ago, but I never had the funds to get an FPGA miner or even an ASIC miner, so i stopped mining alltogether.

I don’t hold any grudges against this pool, moreover I would like to recommend it to anyone. They are very open ybout their share policy and have been always fair and secure from my point of view. They even kept an amount of rewarded bitcoins for three years for me, which I have just recently withdrawn.

My future Bitcoin income will have to depend on Donations I receive through this blog, so please give and give generously. Every little amount will be highly appreciated.

And as always I am very grateful for any advice or comments through my commenting service or via Email found in the contact section.

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