The great anniversary

Posted on by nek0 in english, meta

Next month my blog will be three years old. I originally wanted to post this on the exact date, but I’m all giddy about it, so I do it now.

Three years ago I started my little experiment. I wanted to see If I could run my own website, update it regularly and run all services related to that. Turns out I can and it’s fun to do it, although I don’t have a great number of readers (it’s around 10 unique visitors per day, most of them spiders). My expectation was that I would fail somehow, most likely through loss of interest, but that has not happened and is now highly unlikely.

So if you read this post and are of fleshy nature, expect more content in this blog. I will try to post more. As always you can contact me through comments to blog post and by mail.

To round things up I will write about something I stated I would right from the beginning of this blog, but haven’t yet done. It’s about tea. I mostly drink Earl Grey tea, which I brew from loose tea. I prefer loose tea, but will also use teabags, if nothing else is available. Additionally I keep Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam teas, but I don’t really prefer one over the others. It depends on my mood, which I brew.

I hope you had fun so far with my blog. Keep being excellent to each other!

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