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Hi folks. I’m sorry I missed to make a blogpost last month, so this one is coming early. The reason for this is, that a lot went on in my life recently. I had to make hard decisions and set a new course.

I will be quitting university at the end of this semester. I’m not glad about it and it still bugs me and fills me with uncertainty about my future, but rationally it’s the only way. I couldn’t continue studying and working at the same time to pay the bills and stay psychologically healthy. It didn’t work out for the last three years and it wouldn’t in the foreseeable future.

With the university not being available as a source of qualification, I’m now trying to get a training as IT specialist. Working on and with computers has given me a lot of enjoyment in the past years. I learned to code and how to maintain Linux systems and I loved to do this in my free time. Maybe that’s my vocation.

In parallel to my training, which will not start before next year, and until then I will need a thorough psychological treatment. I can’t bury my past as I initially wanted to. It still affects me. I need to get rid of certain automated patterns I still follow. They are not doing me good anymore. I need to work on my crappy past and what happened to me. Wounds also need to be treated properly, before you can work again.

In conclusion I would like to thank everyone who has helped me so far. I hope I can repay you in any way.

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