Happy new year

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Congress is over, the new year has begun. I hope you all had pleasant holidays and a good start into the new year. I was able to spend New Years Eve with good friends and relax from congress.

Congress was a new experience for me and sometimes a difficult one. I still don’t handle large crowds very well. Luckily I had some kind of place of retreat at the assembly table of our hackerspace.

My problem with large crowds made it hard to visit many talks, but luckily I will be able to watch them on http://media.ccc.de thanks to the great work of the VOC team. At least I got to socialise a little with people I usually don’t meet due to geographical circumstances.

With me usually spending much time at the assembly table I indulged into programming Haskell. I wanted to see how much my project of the past few months, my game engine Affection, has grown into a usable state. I implemented a game similar to Asteroids called “Haskelloids”, whose code base can be seen on Github. It is basically playable, but I’m still in the process of refining it further. Not only the game, but also the engine are still rough at the edges.

Unfortunately I didn’t dare to make many photos at congress, but when I have my films developed I’ll upload what I have.

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