Back to life

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After being out of the cycle for quite some time (I was in hospital as I wrote earlier) I am gradually coming back into what might be called regular life.

I have been an intern at a local tech company for the past few weeks, where I mostly write documentation, but also help with other stuff. I work only 20 hours a week, so I don’t overexert myself too much. I’m still not at all well. I really enjoy my job there, it’s definitely better than sitting at home and slowly sink back into depression again.

But still there is some frustration in it. I still remember how I was before and now some of these qualities have not come back (yet). My concentration got better, thanks to the job and the programming I still do. I may have arrived at the beginning of the “valley of despair” with Haskell. My projects don’t progress with the speed i would like them to progress and the complexity is sometimes a little overwhelming. I have the impression that I pretty much suck at this language, yet still I don’t want to give it up.

Writer’s block is also still there, but sometimes I get a little hint of an idea I immediately put down. I’m trying to get a regular schedule for writing or at least writing exercises. I am also looking for writing group in my area, but there seems seems to be nothing around my area.

That’s about it. A short update about my life.

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