Up, down, to and fro

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Some time went by, since I last wrote and quite a lot happened.

First of all I had a relapse. One of the ugly kind, but I somehow managed to get out of it, thanks to the people around me. But from what these people tell me I seem to get better at handling these situations, which is kind of nice. I took a small vacation staying with some friends in the countryside for a week. There I took a step forward in a project of mine. Some of you might know, that I want to build my own tent for various purposes. One is, to finally have a tent (yay!), the second is to have a tent to take with me on hacker camps and the third and most difficult task is to have a tent fit for LARPing. I have a plan, so I could buy some pure cotton canvas very cheaply directly from a weaving mill. Now I have to come up with a way to build the struts, before I can get to sewing. But don’t get the impression I was in any way productive during the vacation. I was mostly lazily lying around.

After that vacation and spending some time at home again more or less successfully managing to keep up my daily schedule I got a call from my vocational rehab I applied for. They wanted to take me in prematurely, because someone else somehow didn’t show up. Because I had nothing better to do I agreed to take the opening one month before my scheduled start. So now I’m in my third week of attending this rehab. I was pretty overwhelmed in the beginning because of all the testing they ran on me, like another IQ-Test and some testing of my motor skills. Now I’m getting accustomed to the new schedule and to being pretty exhausted at the end of the day from doing menial tasks aimed for testing my capacities in certain fields. For now I have been doing tasks in administration and economy, which is not really the most interesting field and definitely not the field I want to work in the future, but the more interesting fields like design or electronics and computer science will follow. I am looking forward to these. But because of this I had to tone down on my other activities like coding or writing. I am simply too exhausted when I come home. But I managed to get my piano up and running again, which I haven’t touched for at least a year, so I can relax with playing a little music.

Progress feels good.

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