Devlog: Making a game

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Hi folks. I have good news. I am making a game.

After tinkering a lot on my game engine i thought it would be nice to have some “real result”, to be able to present the product of my endeavours. I plan to make a talk at our local hacker symposium “Datenspuren” and maybe even at 35C3. As a showcase I want to present a game that is more than just a simple clone of an existing game. I already have that. No. I want an original game.

What I came up with is a game, where you play as an intruder infiltrating a company with your main task being getting a copy of their database. But you have to path your way through their multi-floor building seeking clues and data traces how to access the next floor and ultimately the server room.

For this I am starting a devlog, to show my progress as I keep on developing the game.

So far I have my engine affection as my foundation, for drawing I use NanoVG-bindings and as something new to me, I am using an entity-component-system called ecstasy. For now I have spent the last month or so figuring out, how to procedurally generate sane floors for the building and how to use the entity-component-system. So far, the whole thing looks like this:

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

That’s all for now. See you soon!


I totally forgot to tell you, where you can find the code for my game. It is hosted on my Github profile. Have fun reading it.

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