Devlog: Interactable objects

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Hi folks. Sorry I haven’t updated in tha past 2 months. I was busy at work and with everything else. But that didnÄt keep me from making any progress. I got animations up and running, so the player and the NPCs are no longer just dots, but they have real bodies.

I also now have loading screens, which were a little trickier than I thought in the beginning. My problems boiled down to the fact, that if I have another thread, which wants to do some actions with OpenGL, it needs to have its own context and context sharing has to be enabled.

My biggest breakthrough I achieved just today: Interactable objects. Until now you could move around the map and test out collision between the player and his surroundings, but not more. Now you can move up to any copier and activate it with a right click when you stand right in front of it and look in the right direction. For now this just changes the animation, that is played, but it’s a start. Here is a small screencap I made of the whole process:

The copier itself is also an interesting. because it is animated, it does not reside in the Matrix where all the walls, tables and boxes are. It resides like allother animated things (e.g.: the player and the NPCs) inside the Entity Component System, but it still has collision boundaries, which are respected by the player and the NPCs. That took me some time to figure out, how to do this.

I am also preparing a possibility to have the game’s solution generated procedurally. Graph theory for the win!

I already have submitted my talk to the “Datenspuren” event and hope it will get accepted.

See you (hopefully) soon.

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