Devlog: Agent System

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Hello again in this little corner of the internet.

As I am busy with my apprenticeship, which started four weeks ago, I don’t get to code so much lately. I am all the more pleased about the outcome of my latest coding sprint: An Agent System.

In detail this means, that all the NPCs in my game have stats like hunger, thirst or attention and thus have needs, which have to be fulfilled. And this they do themselves, given there is a possibility to do so in the current map. There are toilets, watercoolers and other things present in the game assets, but the maps are generated randomly, so if they can’t find a way to fulfill their need, they go to the elevator.

This also means, that the NPCs don’t walk around randomly, or at least by default, but walk to targets according to the needs they have.

I also am starting to prepare my talk I’m giving at Datenspuren. I’m always thankful for input about what you would like to know. You can leave it here in the comments or use other means of communication.

See you soon!

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