Getting better

Posted on by nek0 in english

Hi folks, long time no see.

Since the middle of June things gradually change for me. I am in psychiatry again, but the outlook is pretty good. I’m getting new medication, which replaces the cocktail I formerly got. This means less side effects and this new meds seem to be really working. I feel more energetic than I felt for a long time, probably years.

I am looking forward to leaving the clinic, yet I still feel anxious about how life will go on. I deeply hope the positive effects prevail and I can continue my apprenticeship as energetically as I feel at the moment.

Other positive effects of my stay here is, that I finally found the time to learn to draw with classical media and I stuck with aquarel colors, because they work well in my mind. But their outcome is sometimes a bit unpreditable, especially when applying “wet” techniques. I’ll probably have some off my pictures I made in clinic scanned and will post them on my deviantart account. I should generally post more stuff there. As well as here.

With all that being said, I hope you all are well, too.

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