Building an art portfolio

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Hi folks!

I apologize for being so silent the past months. Lockdown does strange things to me, but it’s under control at the moment. I just needed readjustment of medication.

Since I am human and can’t lie apathetically in a corner all day (which I also had my good share of) I decided to build a website for my visual pieces of art, a portfolio, so to speak. You can reach it at

The website is built with Hakyll, of course, and I took the opportunity to learn some of the more advanced features and even some supplementary libraries. I was once again very pleasantly surprised how powerful this software is.

Some of the pictures there are related to my ongoing webcomic Alitheia Road, which I had currently to put on hold to alleviate pressure from my mind. But It will continue, I promise. I am gathering ideas and fleshing out storylines for future pages whenever it feels ok to do so.

So much for an update from me.

Stay calm and wash hands.

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