So many projects, so little time...

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Hi there,

Finally I reached the time of year, where I have a long vacation during my apprenticeship, so I can relax a bit. In theory.

Reality looks a bit different, though. With me moving out of my old place because of reconstruction works, some paperwork that’s been piling up alongside personal projects which beg for my attention I am quite busy. But it is still relaxing, since I have no schedule apart from the schedule I make up myself.

One project that receives quite a lot of attention lately is a short comic I am drawing. After reading some books on comic drawing and structuring I am trying to apply some of the findings.

For example I never really did storyboarding or panel layout before. Everything was more or less on a whim and from the top of my head. That’s not bad per se, but can make things difficult when not being able to work on a comic page continuously.

Another thing that’s really helpful for my motivation is that with a proper plan and structure of my comic I get quite a good sense of progression while drawing. The number of pages turns finite and you can focus on drawing and not worry about the story for the next panel or page.

When th comic is finished, I will release it on my art portfolio in its entirety.

Unfortunately my endeavours in prosa writing came to a full halt, but maybe I an fix my problems with writing in a similar way like I did with my comic drawing, but I will have to make some research there.

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