Freeze your darlings

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There is a motto between writers, that is “kill your darlings”.

I have a lot pf projects and some of them are very dear to me. One of these is my attempt at a game called “tracer”. This does not mean I am giving up on that. Instead of “killing” this one of my darlings, I would like ot freeze it. This menas I put it away for later.

“But why?” you may ask.

Well, simply because the idea has become too complex and difficult to achieve with my toolset and knowledge. Additionally, I did not make much of a plan beforehand what to incorporate in the game and how it should all work.

To cover the technical aspects I followed a superb tutorial series on OpenGL. I can hightly recommend it, if you want to learn how modern OpenGL is actually used. The tutorial series itself is taught in C++, but I was able to translate it into Haskell, which you can see on my gitea.

Secondly I learned a lot about the game design process from the book “Level Up!” by Scott Rogers. I was recommended this book by one of my co-apprentices who used to study computer science with emphasis on multimedia applications.

The findings from these will go into a new project, which will get its own blogpost shortly.

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