A leap forward

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Hi folks, it’s me again. I finally managed to settle into new circumstances regarding my apprenticeship. I’m in my final year and am very much looking forward to be finished.

With things getting more calm I found some time and motivation to code again, so I grabbed my current project “Pituicat” and started out implementing my own abstractions around OpenGL to get stuff on screen. Today I finally made it:


I know. It doesn’t look very overwhelming, but it’s a start. The code I wrote to make this possible should enable me to draw massive amounts of 2D tiles more efficiently than the library NanoVG does.

This breakthrough is very welcome, since I started considering moving the game to an engine I do not build myself, namely Godot, which is a powerful free software game engine. I already started to make some stubs in it, but I seemingly enjoy shaving yaks far too much…

After this milestone is taken, I can start taking care of the actual in-game graphics and display them accordingly. Although I’m not absolutely new to game development, I never actually handled OpenGL myself, so this is a huge, sometimes fun and sometimes frustrating, learning experience.

At this point I want to thank the Haskell game development community and the Haskell community in general for being the excellent, friendly and helpful communities they are.

Also special thanks go to The Cherno, who has made an excellent Video tutorial series on OpenGL available on his YouTube channel. Although the tutorial is held in C++ I could carry most of the concepts over to Haskell and apply them to my needs.

As always, if you want to see my progress with the code, head over to project repository on my gitea.

So much for this update, I hope to see you soon.

Keep calm and wash hands.

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