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The say “Third time’s the charm”. They may be wrong…

To be honest: I lost track of how often I tinkered on my collision detection and collision response algorithms, but I have rewritten them from scratch at least four times. At least so my counter on the branch names says…

But after all this wailing and gnashing of teeth and lots of hair pulled, I may finally have a universally working solution for the game.

What helped me to find this solution? One part distance and one part perseverance. I actually did not have the time and mental capacity to pursue this project a lot since the last update. My apprenticeship is coming to an end and I’m busy coding my final project and writing its documentation.

There’s been going on a lot with my life: I applied for jobs (and found myself a really neat one), had some hospital visits (nothing too serious, so no need to worry) and also pursuing art. So I distanced myself a little from my game.

But every now and then I would still look at it, and at least try to fix the issue regarding my collision detection. So tonight, after a longer stretch of not working on the game, I looked at it again and finally found the flaw in my algorithm. Fixing it and cleaning the whole mess around it was then only a question of time.

So now I wish you all a good morning and happy hacking, I need to return to my more mundane projects now.

As always: Feel free to look at what I’ve done so far.

Keep calm and wash hands.

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