The long silence

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It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, which by no means is the end of this blog or my art journey. Instead I am preparing my next steps while going through some changes in my life.

I reached a turning point in life with the end of my apprenticeship as IT specialist for applications development and got transitioned into a job almost instantly. To get settled in with the job, company, commute and everything else that comes with it I gave myself four weeks, which are now coming to an end.

The other point is my preparation for something bigger. For the past year I have been developing story and characters for a series of comics if gradually increasing intensity. This takes up quite a bit of my free time I would usually spend drawing or pursuing my other hobbies where I instead write my script or devour tutorial after tutorial on how to publish webcomics. And lastly I’m drawing drawing reference material for said comics, which I don’t really want to publish right now, as it might contain spoilers.

Also my game development projects came to a halt in that time. In that little time I spent with it I started remodeling the physics “engine” I wrote to a be based on forces applied to objects and calculated to accelerations, velocities and movement instead of the other way round. I’m also using some good literature on that topic: “Physics for game developers” by Brian Bywalec and David Bourg, which I found to be a good introductory book into the topic which transitions into more advanced topics rather nicely.

So in conclusion: yes, I am still out here, drawing and plotting. Expect to get nice things to look at. I sincerely hope it will be rather sooner than later.

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