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Hi folks,

I thought it’s time for a little update and changes that happened and will happen.

First off some technical changes that happened in the background of all my pages: Roughly a year ago I decided to install and configure matomo to get some metrics about my readership. I tried to use it for a year and tried to understand the graphs and numbers it threw at me, Also the maintainance effort rose, as the software seems to be rather unstable. I always managed to recover it, but a rather nasty outage convinced me, that the software might be both a bad fit for me and a disservice on you.

I underwent what now I see as a failed experiment with a little bit of a bad conscience, as I usually am very against the tracking of people, not only on the internet, but in general and only managed to justify that to me as I would host the service myself and not share the data anywhere. So I did basically a 180 degree turn, purged matomo from my server and now I resort to analyzing the log files of my web server using the application goaccess. Additionally I configured the web server to not store the IP addresses and the user agent strings for any request. As a bonus the reports generated by goaccess appear more meaningful to me than the matomo reports ever looked.

Secondly, my treatment in hospital came to an end about a month ago and I am slowly returning to my old job since then. As you can see I still maintain my upload schedule for my comic, but unfortunately producing new pages has been slowed down a bit. This will not affect the upload schedule for the time being, as my buffer of finished pages is still large enough. I hope to return to my old pace of producing new pages soon. I just need to sort some stuff out and get accustomed to working a dayjob again.

So far for this very overdue update from me. I also plan on posting more frequently again here and already have two ideas for blog posts forming in my head, which I hope will be very helpful each in their own way.

See you around.

Keep calm and wash hands.

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