Long time no see

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Hi there!

It’s been a while – almost a year – since my last blog post. That’s a little embarrassing for me to be honest.

But I wasn’t idle the whole time. My webcomic has been steadily growing since then. You may read well into chapter 2 at the moment and I’m about to wrap up drawing the last panels of this chapter so I can start preparing the chapter 3.

I also have other projects, as you may know. I’m still active in game development, where I started writing a multiplayer game in Haskell last November and hope to finish it by December this year. There are still my older Haskell gamedev projects around, but they are shelved at the moment.

Apart from Haskell gamedev, I also started dabbling in Rust gamedev and aim to create an adventure game out of a story idea I initially had intended to work out as a comic.

Another nice thing I came to do around in the past year is taking piano lessons. It’s has been 14 years since I had my last one and boy, am I rusty. I’m very glad the initial frustration has faded quickly and I’m having fun learning new stuff again.

So I find ways to keep myself busy, as you can see. The projects are so many and tightly packed, that I started blocking out time for them in a separate calendar some weeks ago. This serves the purpose to answer the ubiquitous question “What am I going to do today?” and not being paralyzed by the sheer amount of choices.

This allocation of my free time has worked quite well since I put it in place and it’s nice seeing the progress on the projects. I tend to procrastinate a lot less since then.

That’s all for this update. I want to return to my old goal to post at least once a month here. Additionally I want to make small weekly updates over on Mastodon.

So until then.

Keep calm and wash your paws.

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