Crypto broken?

Posted on by nek0 in crypto, english

Ever since the strange breakup of the truecrypt project I am unsure wether I can still trust the software. This is bad for me, because I rely on it in several cases.

Because of the non-standard license of truecrypt there has not formed a forked project yet which I could rely on. I am looking for alternatives, but have not found anything suiting my needs.

For example there is GnuPG, which can encrypt single files and also folders, but you have to do it manually every time you change something. Furthermore you can not mount it like you could do with a truecrypt container.

Then there is LUKS, which can encrypt whole filesystems, but not singular containers.

For now i will remain using truecrypt and trust the outcome of the first stage of the source code audit of truecrypt.

I know I don’t present any solutions here, but I will be looking into that matter in the future and hopefully I come out with something better than keep using truecrypt.

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