Back to Debian

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A small update from the software front: I left NixOS. I’m back with a Debian machine, or to be more precise, my Frankenbian.

“But why?” you may ask.

Well, the answer is quite simple. I need a stable operating system on my workstation, which has to have properly working 3D-hardware acceleration. In the weeks before my switch back, This was no longer the case and nobody could help me.

But this all does not mean I abandoned NixOS as a whole or think less of the project. I still believe it is a very cool concept for an operating system and package management and will gladly revisit it, when things are more stable and mature, but for now I only maintain a small virtual machine with a NixOS installation to run my NixOps deployments.

During my endeavours of switching back I unfortunately lost some data (e.g. pgp keys), so I updated data where needed. This prompted me to think of a proper paper backup solution for sensitive data. Maybe I’ll come up with some acceptable workflow.

Also setting up my laptop anew prompted me to plan new blogposts, especially about full-disk-encryption and my NixOps setup. These will follow in the future.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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