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Hi folks,

In light of the recent events I would like to make a status update.

I’m overall ok and am on self-imposed lockdown since March 14th and urged the hackerspace I usually hang out at to do the same.

School has been canceled for now and my apprenticeship practice is transitioning to home office, but I have no information yet, how exactly this is supposed to work and fear I might have trouble participating, because I have no Windows licence. All my computers run Linux-based operating systems (NixOS specifically).

In the meantime I was able to tackle one bigger project of mine: I am running my own XMPP-Server based on ejabberd now. Now you can reach me through my new nek0@jabber.nek0.eu address.

I hope people around here learn their lessons from this event. A pandemic can happen anytime, so the healthcare system needs its resources to be able to tackle it. Universal healthcare is a neccessity which mustn’t be run for profit.

Stay safe.

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