What does the future hold?

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Hi again, it’s me.

Some folks who are following me on mastodon surely have noticed my increased output in drawn art. I even created a portfolio page for that.

As you might remember, I also had some endeavours in creating written art and even published some short stories here on my blog. I want to revive that, without subjecting myself to too much pressure, so there will be, like with my drawings, no schedule.

I will start doing some writing exercises soon, create fragments or even short stories based on own ideas, random ideas or even writing prompts off the internet.

Genre-wise I will probably do a lot of fantasy, but I also learned about the budding genre of Solarpunk and I would like to explore that. This will be a bit challenging, because Solarpunkt tends to be rather optimistic, what I usually tend not to be. But this challenge excites me.

Anyway. So much for the update. Expect a new category to pop up on the portfolio page soon, so check there regularly or get the feed from there.

Keep calm and wash hands.

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