Gravity and collision

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Hello and first of all a happy new year 2021!

It’s been only a little while since I last worked on my latest game. I took the time between Christmas and New Year to dive again into the depths of code.

Following the rough roadmap I have in my head I am trying to get the game to become finally interactive, but being a platformer, this has some prerequisites on basic physics and collision detection and collision handling. So I prepared again a lot of reusable plumbing, implemented all the necessary functions and tied it all together nicely to play along with the already existing parts of the game. Here is a small video of the result:

Again, it does not look like much, but I am very happy about this result. Although I will surely have to tweak the collision reaction more, but it is a good start, so I believe.

Next up will be handling of input events including, but not lmited to, keyboard key presses to control the player. After that I will hopefully be ready to fill the game with actual content.

As always, you may check out the code of the game and its progress in its repository. I try to leave as many helpful comments and documentation as possible while programming, but if anything is unclear, you need further explanation or just want to talk about the game or any other interesting topic, do not hesitate to contact me via email or any other means listed on my contact page.

So much for this update. I hope I will be able to continue to work on this game shortly.

Until then, keep calm and wash hands.

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