Holidays and such

Posted on by nek0 in english

Hi folks. It is already about time this year came to an end.

There is still one thing I’m looking forward to this year. It’s congress time!

This year I will be attending the Chaos Communication Congress for my first time. I’m afraid of it and still I can’t wait to be there at the same time. There’s lots of people I want to meet and tons of events I want to attend. I already got my camera equipment up and running again, so I hope shortly after the event I will be able to post some impressions on Eidolon.

At congress I will also have my hacker passports with me, so you can look for me or call me at congress DECT 6350 if you want one.

After congress the next year will get interesting. If all works out right, I will start a vocational preparation after my long stay in clinic. I got released just recently, with the outlook of having to attend therapy for quite a long time.

In closing I wish you all pleasant holidays, we’ll see each other at congress or next year.

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