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Hello again.

As promised I will be writing a bit about my new game project called “Pituicat”.

The idea for this game is rather old and even predates “Tracer” by quite some time, I even found some code and some assets I drew for the game, but it was only a stub with broken physics.

The core idea for story and gameplay did not change over time. “Pituicat” will be a 2D platformer with puzzle elements where the player controls a cat turned to a slimey blob.

In this game I wanted apply my findings from the book “Level Up!” by Scott Rogers. and the tutorial series on OpenGL by The Cherno.

So before I started any coding whatsoever I created some game design documents to create an overview of the game, the world it is set in and the gameplay mechanics present in the game. I also created an overview over all the levels that the player will play to beat the game.

At the time of writing the documents are suficiently complete that i can already do some coding and figure things out implementations-wise, since I never worked with persistent maps before (“Tracer” generated its maps randomly).

If you wnat to check out the code for “Pituicat” and its progress, go over to my gitea. Development will most likely be quite slow, because I am busy at my apprenticeship and have only limited spare time.

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